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Ramadan advent calendar cosy house 2

Exclusive Ramadan Advent Calendar

By Mellifluous LDN

Ramadan advent calendar cosy house

Exclusive Ramadan Advent Calendar

By Mellifluous LDN

Ramadan Advent Calendar 2024

Durable and strong materials used so you can re-use it over and over again each year, saving you money and ensuring sustainability for our world climate. With a magnetic flap, allowing closure of box to be intact.

Ramadan Advent Calendar Box with beautiful illustration of children at an iftar party, enjoying food, praying and reading the holy Quran.
Inside the box each drawer is numbered in gold foil, bringing you luxury all round. Each drawer is filled with mini free toys (whilst stock lasts)!
The box is strong and sturdy with high GSM cardboard, allowing it to stand up. Make this Ramadan Advent Calendar a centre piece in your home, as part of your Ramadan decor.

Our amazing Ramadan Advent Calendar comes with free mini toys in each drawer to surprise your little one during each day of Ramadan. Discover a toy in all 31 drawers – 30 drawers for Ramadan and 1 special drawer just for Eid, which is a larger in size than the other drawers.

You can reuse this sturdy Ramadan box each year and fill it up with new toys, chocolates, sweets or special messages.

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Best Ramadan Gift

Celebrate the countdown to this Eid, in the most magical way. Kids will love the countdown to Eid, revealing a special mini gift each evening with this exclusive Ramadan Advent Calendar gift for your children. Watch your little ones eyes light up in excitement as they open a drawer to find a surprise each evening at iftar time! How exciting and memorable time with your children – build new traditions and watch the memory book fill with nothing but happiness.

Mellifluous LDN

Premium products only

Our products have been made using high quality GSM cardboard, within a premium design in high resolution – giving you that quality satisfaction rest assured.

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